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Veterinary Diagnostics


Laboratory Testing:

We have the capability to perform many in house laboratory tests such as a complete blood count (CBC), general blood chemistries to check organ function, and urinalysis. Running lab work in house can help us give you more immediate results and better diagnose and treat your pet. We can also perform in house cytology on cells from masses or wounds, as well as monitor bacteria from skin and ears to guide our treatment plan. Although we can do many tests here at our hospital, we partner with a large national diagnostic laboratory that gives us the ability to run a wide variety of testing beyond our in house analyzers. 

Digital Radiology:

We have the ability to take digital radiographs (x-rays) in house to help aid in the prompt diagnosis and evaluation of a variety of conditions. Digital x-rays are immediately available and we can readily transfer images for consultations with board-certified specialists.


We are equipped with an ultrasound machine so that your veterinarian can evaluate your pet's internal organs and soft tissue structures. Ultrasounds allow us to diagnose a wide variety of conditions, and offers us a way to collect diagnostic samples such as urine or aspirates of tumors or organs non-invasively. 

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